Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tens List with Scott Tracey - Witch Eyes Blog Tour

Top 10 excuses I used to get out of doing homework while I was in school (and reasons why my parents were never surprised I decided to become a writer).

10. My parents left town and I've been staying at home by myself, so there was no one to check my homework (so I didn't bother doing it).

9. I prayed to Saint Jude, the patron saint of lost causes, but I still don't know where my homework went.  I swear I had it a minute ago.

8. This isn't my book bag.  I think someone else grabbed my book bag off the bus by mistake.  (Hint, I walked to school).

7. We're in the process of moving (we weren't).  And I haven't moved my schoolbooks yet.

6. I accidentally turned my Science book in at the library, instead of my library books.  That's why I couldn't take notes on Mars.

5. I'm allergic to glue.

4. I didn't like your attitude when you were giving me that homework assignment.

3. There was a criminal investigation going on on my street last night, with police cars and fire trucks and everything.  I couldn't concentrate. 

2.  I went to a Stephen King book signing and Stephen King said HE never had to do homework, and I want to be a writer, so I think that's a valid reason, don't you?

1.  (this one was in college) See, I have a daughter, and there's no one to babysit her right now, so that's why I had to skip the last ten days of class.  I'm really sorry.

What a fun list, Scott! Thanks for sharing it with us. Scott’s YA novel, Witch Eyes, releases on September 8th. Add it on Goodreads or order it from Amazon, Witch Eyes.

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  1. LOVE! Favorites: 10, 8, 5, and 1. Totally agree with 2. Top excuse: 9.