Monday, August 29, 2011

Character Interview: Hatta from Hatter by Daniel Coleman

I’m excited to welcome Hatta, from Daniel Coleman’s Hatter, to the blog today!

How old were you when you discovered you could communicate with animals?

Might I first commend you for saying 'communicate' instead of 'talk'.  As you've no doubt realized, anyone can talk to animals.  It would be communicating with them that many people find difficult. Rather than when I first realized I could do it, I think a better question would be how old was I when I realized other people couldn't.  Or didn't.  But I can't say, as I never have known my age.

Do you remember the first animal you ever communicated with?

A cat was most likely the first to communicate with me.  They are still the most expressive animal I know of.  It's as easy to read a cat as it is to smell breakfast or hear crunching leaves.  I would think that anyone who can't tell what a cat is thinking simply has never seen a cat.

You have a great fascination with color. What do you consider your favorite color?

If there is anything more wonderful than colors I haven't met it, but I could never choose just one favorite.  The obvious answer which I won't say is rainbow.  Some colors I do care deeply for are: sunset, glimmer beetle, autumn, and the sky behind lightning.  I think lava would be my favorite color I've never seen.  It sounds quite powerful.

 At what age did you start dressing in such colorful clothing?

I don't seem to remember when I started remembering anything, but I remember dyeing my clothes at that age.  Grass made consistent greens.  I found a lichen that made red.  And rust always worked for rust color.

Was learning to make mirrors while in Shey’s Orchard difficult?

I haven't found many things difficult in my life.  Interacting with unfriendly people. Recalling names.  Large gatherings of people.  Oh, and of course, mules.   

What is the most delicious thing you have ever eaten?

My most memorable meals have been delicious for reasons one might not think.  On the road from T'lai to Frenala, a traveler shared some dried apples with me.  The kindness was perfectly scrumptious.  Another day, the Cheshire Cat led me to some winterberries.  The companionship was delectable.   I don't remember how the meal tasted that I shared with (EDITED FOR SPOILERS), but it was likely the most enjoyable I've ever eaten.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

I'll gladly share whatever you might need.  Coins?  Provisions?  My roof?  Hmm, those may be difficult considering the distance.  Might I share some words about kind words?  --A kind word may be duller than a sword, but it lasts much longer--   

Thanks for stopping by, Hatta! It was a pleasure getting to know you better. You can read my review of Hatter here.