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Review: Texas Hold 'Em by Christie Craig

The last thing veterinarian Leah Reece needs is a man in her life. They're nothing but trouble-and not even the fun kind. But when her apartment is broken into and Leah suspects Rafael, her dangerous half-brother, of foul play, she can't deny she could use a little help. She just never expected that help would come with twinkling blue eyes and a sexy smile...

All PI Austin Brook wants is to nail Rafael DeLuna, the man who framed him for murder. He'll do anything for information-even lie about his identity to charm Leah, DeLuna's half-sister. But her sweet dimples and fiery spirit soon make her more than just his only lead. Leah becomes his every desire. As Austin closes in on DeLuna, it's clear he won't go down without a fight. Now the only way Austin can protect Leah is to reveal all of his secrets and risk losing her for good.

My thoughts:

My love of this series is no secret. You can check out my reviews of the first two books, Don't Mess With Texas and Blame It On Texas to see how much I adored them. I had high hopes for Texas Hold 'Em and Christie Craig didn't let me down. I have yet to read anything by Christie Craig that I didn't thoroughly enjoy.

Austin is the final member of the Only In Texas PI team to get his shot at a HEA, and I have been waiting oh so patiently for his turn. He has a troubled past, but still turned out to be a great guy. Leah, who had her own share of troubles, is an almost perfect match. One of the things standing in the way are Leah's cats. Austin has a pesky little phobia called, Ailurophobia. AKA fear of cats. Of course Austin doesn't reveal this fear to Leah who has a house full of feline friends. This causes Austin to find himself in some downright hilarious situations. Hilarious to me at least. I'm sure he was terrified. As a cat lover I can't understand the fear, but I sure loved what that character trait added to this novel.

Another issue that has the potential to make or break Austin and Leah is Leah's half brother. Austin wants to see him pay for framing him and his partners. Getting close to Leah seems like the perfect way to get more information, but once they start falling for each other will Leah forgive Austin for his lack of honesty? The tension was almost too much. Austin's dishonesty was tough. I found myself reading late into the night while anticipating Leah's reaction when she discovered Austin wasn't who he claimed to be.

The chemistry between Leah and Austin was off the charts. This book was a perfect mix of romance, suspense, and laughs. I'm so sad to see this series end! It also contains a very complicated romance between Leah's vet tech and Austin's informant. I really enjoyed both of these characters and what they brought to the novel.

This was the perfect finale to a much loved series. I already miss the world and the characters Christie Craig created. I'm sure I'll have to do a re-read in the near future to get my Only In Texas fix. Thank you for creating characters readers can relate to and fall in love with!



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