Friday, August 20, 2010

Review & Giveaway: Captured by Desire by Kira Morgan

Title: Captured by Desire
Author: Kira Morgan
Available: Now
Number of Pages: 384
Reading Level: Adult

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Description from Hachette Book Group:

In 16th century Scotland, young Miss Florie Gilder runs away from her drunken foster father to find her real father and her noble heritage. Along the way, she is accused of theft, becomes a fugitive hiding in a forest, and is accidentally wounded by a handsome local huntsman. The huntsman--a Robin-Hood figure who poaches wild game from the landowner's estate to feed the starving poor--carries the beautiful maiden to a church where she is guaranteed 40 days of sanctuary from the law. During that time, he learns her true story, falls in love with her, and helps her in her quest, at the risk of his own life.

My thoughts:

Florie Gilder is a goldsmith by trade. She travels to a market to sell her wares, and also search for her birth father. While at the market her assistant unknowingly sells her only proof of her paternity. After trying to reason with the women who bought it, Florie resorts to returning the money quickly, grabbing the item, and running. While fleeing through the woods in search of sanctuary at a nearby church, Florie takes an arrow in the thigh when a huntsman mistakes her for an animal. The huntsman, Rane, is a gorgeous Scot from Viking decent, and also an excellent shot. He redirected the arrow at the last minute so as to not kill the woman, and carries her to the church which was her destination. Now he feels he owes her his protection even when the sheriff appoints him as her guard during the 40 days she claimed sanctuary.  

Rane’s good heart gets him far with the ladies, but he has no desire to settle down. Florie is jaded when it comes to love after witnessing the heartbreak experienced by her mother and stepfather. Rane and Florie both find themselves reevaluating their feelings as the days in sanctuary pass.

I loved this book. Rane is a gentle and caring soul, but still maintained the masculinity I find appealing in my historical romance heroes. It was so nice to see such a kindhearted man as the leading love interest. Florie’s independence and spunk sets her apart from many other women in historical fiction. I found it fascinating that she had a trade typically suited for a man and excelled at it. The mysterious elements of the plot were well constructed, but the romance was front and center. Rane is my newest literary crush. A Vikings build with a Scottish brogue? Yes, please! I can promise his actions will make you swoon. Not as steamy as other books from this genre, but still one I recommend for all the die hard romantics out there.

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