Friday, June 11, 2010

Review: Knight of Passion by Margaret Mallory

Title: Knight of Passion
Author: Margaret Mallory
Available: Now
Publisher: Forever
Number of pages: 384
Reading Level: Adult

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Synopsis from Hachette Book Group:

Renowned beauty Lady Linnet is torn between two desires: revenge on those who destroyed her family or marriage to her childhood sweetheart Sir James Rayburn. One fateful night, she makes a misguided choice: she sacrifices Jamie's love for a chance at vengeance.

Jamie Rayburn returns to England in search of a virtuous wife-only to find the lovely Linnet as bewitching as ever. Their reckless affair ignites anew, even hotter than before, although Jamie vows to never again trust her with his heart. Then just as Linnet begins to make amends, she's tempted by one last opportunity to settle old scores. But a final retribution could cost her Jamie's love - this time forever.

My thoughts: 

Knight of Passion is the third book in the All the King’s Men Trilogy.  I had no problem reading it as a standalone. If you read Knight of Passion, I can promise you’ll want to read the first two.  Margaret Mallory has such a beautiful, and descriptive writing style.  I was swept away by the story of Jamie and Linnet’s rocky love affair.

This is the story of a couple sharing an intense love, but separate long term goals.  The beautiful Linnet seeks revenge, while the noble Jamie wants a wife and children. After ending things on dramatic terms they are reunited after 5 long years.  The connection is still present, as is their differences. Jamie and Linnet are a couple you can’t help but to root for.  They are so perfect together, but both are too stubborn to sacrifice pride for love.  

I loved the language, the vivid descriptions of places and things, and the impassioned love shared between Jamie and Linnet.  I enjoyed the mystery laced in perfectly with the love story.  Knight of Passion is a fabulous book that I highly recommend.

*I received my copy from Anna with Hachette Book Group in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Christie, I'm thrilled you enjoyed KNIGHT OF PASSION! Thanks for the lovely review & for participating in my blog tour. :)


  2. Ahhh, I think I'm in love with Jamie :) Sighh.... I'm glad you liked this one too!!

  3. I love this author, I haven't read this one, but it sounds like a great romance to read!!! Great review!!!

  4. Margaret, You are very welcome. Reading about Jamie and Linnet was my pleasure.

    Carrie, I couldn’t agree more. Jamie is very sigh worthy :)

    Lover of Romance, this book was fabulous. I can’t wait to read more by this wonderful author.