Friday, May 14, 2010

Magic Under Glass vs. Brightly Woven


This was truly a difficult decision to make.  Both books have so much to offer and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent reading them. Unfortunately, only one book can progress to the next round. Both excelled in character quality and making the reader connect with the story, but one just blew me away with how amazing it is. It contained an epic journey that had me anxiously turning each page to see what happened next. I knew without a doubt that one was my winner. 

Now it is time to announce the winner!

Drum Roll Please

The Winner Is:

Brightly Woven

This only means Brightly Woven survived the first round of the battle. 
There are still several to go. 
Keep an eye on The Shady Glade as the battle rages on.

*Reviews for both books will be posted either today or tomorrow.


  1. Fun. I haven't read either. I will now boo my self ;)

  2. Like Juju I haven't read both of them. They both are on my tbrlist, so hopefully soon! :)