Monday, June 6, 2011

This or That with Steve Watkins

Please welcome Steve Watkins, author of What Comes After, to the blog today! 

Cats or Dogs?

When I was twelve I had a cat named Frances who used to curl up with me in bed with his face near my face and his paws draped over my neck. Meanwhile my dog Suzy would make a nest for herself on top of the covers between my legs. I never felt so safe and so loved. Choose between them? Impossible

Cookies or Cupcakes?

Do you mean the ginger cookies my ex-sister-in-law used to make that were so good we cried with every bite, knowing there was that much less cookie left to eat? The ones that were so delicious we willfully overlooked all the signs pointing to how crazy she was, like the dead people she said visited her at night and talked to her while everyone else was asleep? The ones I think about, pine for, grieve over the loss of every time I take a bite of anybody else’s ginger cookies? If so then cookies over cupcakes. Definitely.

Mac or PC?

They’re both evil, just in different ways. One wants to rule the world, the other wants to destroy it. Totalitarianism vs. annihilation: same same.

Pen or Pencil?

When I was in seventh grade my dad gave me a mechanical pencil, which I thought was about the coolest thing ever. It’s a pencil! It’s a pen! It’s both! I brought it to school and showed it to this guy who I also thought was very cool. I explained all about the way you clicked it and the lead came out, and how you could replace the lead once you’d used it all up, and about the carefully disguised eraser on the other end. The expression on his face once I finished my speech was unmistakable: he thought I was the biggest dork on the planet. And so I was. And so I was.

Stay up late or Wake up early?

One time I stayed up all night with some friends on the North Shore of Chicago and in the morning we climbed a hill and watched the sun rise over Lake Michigan. It was so beautiful that my friend Doug started crying. At least that’s why I thought he was crying. I started crying too. I’ve never recovered. Now I wake up at five every morning and watch all the sunrises I want. They still make me want to cry, but it’s more of a joyful thing now. Probably was then, too.

Coffee or Tea?


Watch at the theater or Wait for the DVD?

I think we can all agree that 99 percent of the movies made these days (and probably ever) are formulaic, sentimental, sophomoric, and/or stupid. My brother says they haven’t made a good one since “Old Yeller,” and he may not be far wrong. Pretty cool to sit in a movie theater with a big box of popcorn and watch one though.

Sunny Days or Rainy Days?

Just happy to be here.

Hardcover or Paperback?

I make more on royalties for hardcover, so I’ll have to go with that.

Tap Water or Bottled?

Bottled water should be outlawed. In fact there’s a movement afoot to ban it—not that it’s gotten nearly enough traction. All those plastic bottles—they’re contributing to the destruction of our environment. Enough already. Just buy a water filter.

Lemons or Limes?

You want your Sprite, you have to have both.

Socks or Bare Feet?

I grew up barefoot in Florida, with calluses so thick no molten pavement or blistering sand ever bothered me. Shoes (and socks) were for Sunday School and church, but that was about it. Bare feet meant freedom. Of course I also got ring worm so go figure.

Awesome answers, Steve! Thanks for stopping by and playing This or That with me!

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  1. lol, I've never heard of this guy, not surprising as he's never heard of me either so we're on even grounds here. ;) This was an awesome This or That interview, but I think he's wrong about the whole cookies over cupcakes thing. Nothing, except for chili cheese fries, or a million doallars in my hands, trumps cupcakes. Just saying.

    Now I must go look up this guy and see what he's about, other than mechanical pencils and sprite.

  2. I had to smile at your Florida answer. So very very true.