Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: Lemniscate by Jennifer Murgia

Title: Lemniscate
Series: Angel Star #2
Author: Jennifer Murgia | Author Website
Available: Now
Reading Level: Young Adult

*Possible spoilers for Angel Star below*

Description via Goodreads:

For Teagan, these last few months have been heaven on earth- especially now that Garreth, her boyfriend and guardian angel, is earthbound. But perhaps Garreth is becoming a little more human than either of them expected.

Now, Teagan must realize that her world is once again about to shift, as she questions the faith she held in others against those once considered enemies.

In this continuation of Angel Star, Lemniscate will draw you even deeper into the world of dark and light as Teagan realizes the angel who could possibly save them all is the one angel she feared the most.

My thoughts:

Lemniscate picks up months after Angel Star’s dramatic ending. Teagan is thrilled to have her guardian earth bound and with her. When guardian, Garreth, starts to make some very human mistakes and in turn pulls away from Teagan, she isn’t sure what to do. She is also struggling with her mom’s new relationship. Pulled between the desire to be happy for her, and the fears of what changes this will cause to her life especially the fact that this means spending more time with one of her worst enemies. Nothing is simple for Teagan in this book. While dealing with normal issues faced by teens she also must fight forces of evil. 

I could not wait to read Lemniscate after falling in love with the world and characters in Angel Star. Jennifer Murgia has a knack for creating characters with so much depth and heart. Her take on heaven and hell is absolutely fascinating and not to be missed. Teagan is such a selfless character, and she proves this again and again over the course of Lemniscate. I adore her! 

I found the plot to be a little more angsty than book one, but it worked. Teagan acted like you’d expect any teen girl who is balancing boy and family woes to behave. I love that she had all of this happening, but still managed to maintain a respectful attitude when it came to her mother. The few times Teagan let her emotions get the best of her she felt awful after for not being nicer to her mom. I truly love the normalcy this mother and daughter relationship exudes. 

Lemniscate also seemed to be heavier on the action. Bad guys are after Teagan once again and she’ll have to figure out how her new mark factors into the danger she seems to attract. This worked well for the pacing, and I found I’d flown through this story in the matter of hours. It grabbed my attention on page one and never let go. The ending left me with several questions including one BIG question. I won’t divulge what that question is, but I can say I’m fiending for the next book in this series like you wouldn’t believe.

If you haven’t tried this series you really must. It is truly a breath of fresh air. I can’t wait to see where Teagan takes us next!

My Rating:

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Books in this series:

Angel StarLemniscate (The Angel Star Sequel)

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  1. Great review. This book never got my attention before, and it mainly has to do with the cover. I'm just not loving it. But the story sounds amazing and I should really try it. Thanks for the review. ;)

  2. Great review. I've heard great things about this series.

  3. I have angel star, but i haven't had a chance to read it yet. looks like i'll have to bump it up the list!