Friday, May 13, 2011

Character Tweets & A Giveaway: I’m Not Her by Janet Gurtler

Janet Gurtler is giving us a peek at how the conversation might go if characters from her novel, I’m Not Her, were ’tweeting’.

TesstheMess:  Twitter. I joined. Now what?

ClarkTrent: Hey! Hi@TesstheMess

CoolNick. @TesstheMess  Welcome to the dark side. We have cookies. Or beer.

ClarkTrent: @TesstheMess! Did you finish your homework?

Tess the Mess: @CoolNick Cookies? Mmmm. Oreo`s please.  Hate beer.

BREE:  @TesstheMess How’s Tee? @Cool Nick Hey goodlooking!

Cool Nick: @TesstheMess  You’re too skinny to actually eat Oreo’s.  And too young to drink beer.

TesstheMess  Don’t call me Skinny. Or I’ll call you names. And you don’t want me to comment on the beer. #Icanbemean

Nick: @TesstheMess LOL.  Let me have it. I can take it.

TesstheMess  My mom said if I don’t have anything  nice to say than not to say anything at all.

CoolNick:  Nothing.

TesstheMess @ClarkTrent. Still there?

BREE: @CoolNick  You’re not bugging the youngsters are you? ;)

TesstheMess:  Hey Superman! Homework is done. Don’t worry!

CoolNick: Hey @Bree!

BREE: Are we going out tonight or what?

CoolNick: You bet we’re going out.

CoolNick. @Tessthemess. You still around?

BREE: @CoolNick. How about a movie?

Cool Nick: You still there? @Tessthemess?

BREE: You scared her off. So which movie?


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  1. Fun idea to have the characters have a Twitter convo! Thanks for the chance to win :)