Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tens List: Sybil Nelson’s Ten Favorite Songs (& A Giveaway)

The author of Pricilla the Great, Sybil Nelson, is stopping by to discuss her 10 favorite songs!

I thought this would be a tough question for me because I like so many different kinds of music. I could easily have a top ten list for pop songs, soundtrack songs, classical songs, R&B songs, alternative songs, 70’s songs, 80’s songs, foreign get the idea. So I decided in order to figure out my top ten songs of all time, I had to think of those special songs that I could listen to on repeat for hours straight and never get tired of.  In fact, the flowing ten songs I have listened to on repeat for hours on end at one point in my life or another. So, iIn no particular order, here they go:

1. Run by Snow Patrol. Smooth and relaxing this song can melt away the stress of any day.

2. Superwoman by Alicia Keys. An empowering tribute to what it means to be a woman. This was actually my personal theme song for 2010 (Yes, I choose personal theme songs for myself. That’s not weird is it?) Any time I felt down or depressed I turned on this song and listened to it over and over until I gathered the confidence to move on.

3. Pretty Wings by Maxwell . Maxwell is an R&B singer that I was obsessed with in my early 20’s. Then he kind of just disappeared. Then eight years later he lets out this song and reminds everyone that he’s still got it. I was in love with this song, so much so that my husband actually bought me tickets to see him live. This is a big deal folks. My husband is white and I’m black so my husband was the only white person at this R&B concert. That’s just how much he loves me!

4. Tighten up by The Black Keys. Fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. I didn’t even know who sang it, but I went and found them on the internet. They are the new big thing. And the video for this song is adorable. I just watch it over and over again on YouTube.

5. Love Will Come Through by Travis. Travis is a Scottish band. I have no idea what they’re saying when they speak. I mean, really, are they speaking English over there? But I hear them loud and clear when they sing. They are one of my favorite bands period. I love all their songs and their quirky videos, but this one is definitely my favorite.

6. Creep by Radiohead. Another great band. I love almost all their work. I could have chosen any number of songs, but this one sticks out to me the most.

7. Adagio Cantabile from Sonata Pathetique by Beethoven. Even though Gershwin and Chopin are tied for my favorite composers, this is hands down my favorite classical piece. (Technically, Beethoven was one of the transitionist from the classical period to the romantic period, but everyone calls the music from any time back then classical. That’s the music major in me speaking.)

8. Is this Love- Corrinne Bailey Rae’s remake of the Bob Marley classic. This is my theme song for 2011. See, this year my husband and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary and I still love him like crazy.

9. Melt my heart to stone by Adele – This girl could sing the ingredients of a box of cereal into a tape recorder and I would still be first in line to buy a copy of it. I love everything she does, but this was definitely the song that got the most repeats.

10. I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. This song goes on the list because it is my go to karaoke song. I’ve sung this song so many times I think the title should be changed to I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor and Sybil Nelson…Okay, maybe not, but you get the point.

What a fabulous list! Sybil, thanks for stopping by and sharing your favorites!

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  1. Yah Snow Patrol! FAB list and post :)
    (not an entry)

  2. And what gal hasn't at some point in her life belted out I Will Survive :)

  3. Interesting list of songs. The only one I'm familiar with would have to be I Will Survive (think I heard it in a movie). I really only listen to country music, so that probably explains why I don't recognize the other songs. ^_^

    Thanks for the cool giveaway, Priscilla the Great sounds like an intersting read.

    The Haunting of Orchid Forsythia

  4. I have a pretty broad range for my tastes in music. I do like some country though. I like that Carrie Underwood song about her not knowing her last name. And I like that Garth Brooks song I think it's called The Dance.

  5. Great list!!

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com