Thursday, February 10, 2011

Character Interview: Andrew from Laura Kreitzer’s Timeless Series

I’m so excited to welcome Andrew from Laura Kreitzer’s Timeless Series to the blog today.

TFE: How old are you?
Andrew: It’s funny you ask that; we’d probably need a . . . a . . . I believe it’s called a calculator? (He rubs his neck uneasily.) Well, I’d guess you could say from a human’s perspective I’m 28, though in all reality I’m almost 4,000 years old. Don’t go spreading that around—not like anyone would believe you. (He chuckles lightly.)
TFE: How did it feel to awaken in a time period so different from the one you last remembered?
Andrew: After learning what I have of this world, I could probably relate me waking in a crashing airplane—it would probably be more mind-boggling if I couldn’t fly myself—anyway, I’d say it’s about the same as you going to bed one night and waking up in the deepest depths of the ocean in an underwater world and everyone around you acting like it was “normal.” If it wasn’t for the “imminent” death, I’d probably have more complex feelings about the whole ordeal, but adrenaline can do some funky things to your system.
TFE: Do you ever miss being mortal?
Andrew: I can hardly remember being mortal, and from what I can, not really. I may face death now, but it was nothing like losing both of my parents over things that would have never harmed an Angel. At one time I might not have agreed, but now that I have Gabriella . . . it seems pointless to grieve for a life I’ll never have. And a life I don’t want unless she’s at my side.
TFE: Can you explain what you felt when you first met Gabriella?
Andrew: Such expressions can’t be worded when it comes to the beauty of that moment. In the past I wondered if I’d always be alone. Thousands of years passed with any and everything I’ve grown to love withering and dying. Beyond the intense love I feel for her, it was relief that held me in a bubble for a while. Then disbelief. How could this be so? How could I be that lucky? And why me? I’d made my fair share of mistakes in the past—so why now? After I pushed the “how” and “why” questions aside, I finally just let my emotions settle in and take in this new and graceful creature before me. The moment her big, green eyes found mine and she said, “Thank you,” to her fighting furiously with me in an attempt to save those who just couldn’t be saved, she owned me. From her gentle touch to her silly humor . . . she had my heart in the palm of her hands.
TFE: What is your favorite part about living in present day?
Andrew: Convenience. Toilets, toothpaste, food in cans, stoves, refrigerators. Every say I am still amazed by societies advancements. I’ve seen a lot in my time but, for such a short amount of time to pass, the human race has grown marginally more intelligent than I would have ever expected.
TFE: Favorite food?
Andrew: I’d have to say that those friend potatoes—what are they called again? Oh yeah, French fries, are my favorite.
TFE: Favorite color?
Andrew: Green. For obvious reasons. (He winks.)
TFE: Favorite book?
Andrew: I’d have to say the Timeless book is ranking up there. There’s a mystery about it that we’ve yet to unlock. I can’t wait to read and understand more about Gabriella’s journey, and I’m pretty sure the Timeless book has the answers she seeks.

TFE: Thank you so much for stopping by and giving readers a chance to get to know you a little better. Gabriella is one lucky girl to have a man who loves her with the intensity you do!

If you haven’t checked out this series you should! Read my reviews of Shadow of the Sun and Soul Stalker.



  1. Great interview. I'll have to add these to my list. They sound intriguing. Thanks.

  2. PS further proof that French Fries are tres magnifique

  3. Yay! I love Andrew!! So glad you had an interview with him!

  4. Oh I love this! I'm going to be reading Shadow of the Sun soon, so this was fun to read :)