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Review & Giveaway: My Immortal Assassin by Carolyn Jewel

Title: My Immortal Assassin
Series: Witches #3
Author: Carolyn Jewel
Available: Now
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Reading Level: Adult

4 out of 5 Stars

*Possible Spoilers for earlier books in this series below*

Description from Goodreads:

Revenge. It's all Grayson Spencer wants. Christophe dit Menart, a human with dark magical powers, destroyed the life she loved. She wants the pleasure of killing him, no matter the cost to her. If not for Durian, a dangerously sexy demon fiend charged with keeping Christophe alive, she would have succeeded, too. Now, she's certain all hope is gone. But he has a plan and an offer she can't resist...

Durian has spent his life as a trained and sanctioned assassin. His duty: to enforce the laws against demons harming humans. He's always prided himself on staying out of the fray, carrying out his orders and honoring his fealty to his warlord, but never getting attached. Never until Grayson, a spunky and determined woman clearly gifted with magic herself. He convinces her to swear fealty to him so he can protect her and teach her to use her magic to taste the revenge she so desperately wants.

They're soon bound together in a forbidden desire--a dangerous passion that calls into question Durian's oath of loyalty to his warlord. When he refuses to return her to Christophe, his disobedience threatens to inflame the tumultuous war between demons and the magekind. Can they--and their love--survive?

My thoughts:

Anna Grayson Spencer, now known as just Gray, is seeking revenge on the mage who ruined her life and killed her sister. While attempting to murder the mage responsible, she is intercepted by Durian. Durian is an assassin who works for a powerful warlord. Durian takes Gray in and in return she swears fealty to him. They begin to find themselves the target of attacks, and set out to find who is responsible. The attraction between them grows as the action builds, and Durian discovers he might be falling for the girl he initially deemed not his type.

My Immortal Assassin takes readers into a very complex world. The author does provide a glossary in the front which I referenced on more than one occasion. While I don’t think you must read these in order, I do think it would give readers a clearer take on the magic and characters the series contains. Even with moments of confusion over the terminology, I still really liked this one. Solid writing with loads of action. 

The characters were strong and well developed. Gray was a spunky female heroine even though she had faced many tough situations in her recent past. Durian was the classic damaged hero that I’ve come to love so much. I loved watching the characters overcome not only present obstacles, but also past ones that were haunting them. I also enjoyed how well the main characters complimented each other. Gray’s sense of humor started to bring out a side of Durian that I’m not even sure he knew he had. Another huge win with me was the lack of angst in the relationship between Durian and Gray. The typical power struggle that seems to be present in so many romance novels wasn’t there. The characters trusted each other, and were willing to take a step back when the other advised it was best. While I admit angst is good for building the sexual tension, the lack of conflict between these two main characters definitely didn’t have a negative effect. It was present and intense.

This book does contain some dark moments, but Gray’s sarcastic wit does an excellent job of lightening the mood. I’m really excited to backtrack and read the first two books of this series, and continue with the next.

Carolyn Jewel on the web:

Books in this series:

My Wicked EnemyMy Forbidden DesireMy Immortal AssassinMy Dangerous Pleasure

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