Monday, May 26, 2014

Blog Tour & Giveaway - A Dream of Desire by Nina Rowan

Talia Hall has long been in love with her adventurous friend James Forester, Baron Castleford. But rather than explore their mutual attraction, James chooses a year-long expedition over Talia. He discovers his mistake when he returns to London and finds himself desperately drawn to Talia's fiery beauty. However, now the storms of their irresistible passion might be too turbulent to endure.


He tightened his hold on her, even as his muscles corded with restraint. Talia dared to part her lips beneath his, both shocked and thrilled by her own boldness. Her blood coursed hot and swift through her veins as the warm, sugary taste of James filled her senses. He moved his hands to her waist, his body still rigid. His fingers dug into the fabric of her bodice as if he sought the strength to push her away. 

And then, suddenly, he surrendered. A groan escaped him as his mouth opened to hers in a deep union that flooded with desire. Talia closed her eyes and sank into the kiss, savoring the sensation of being in his arms, still wrapped in his coat, his mouth locked to hers. 

Sweet, delicious relief and yearning filled her heart. She unclenched her hand from his shirt and spread it across his chest, imagining what his taut, bare skin would feel like beneath her palm. She arched her body against his, emboldened by his capitulation and the coil of arousal wrapping around them… 

James broke away from her. He stumbled back, his breathing hard and his eyes brewing with shock and unfulfilled passion. 

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About Nina Rowan

Originally from California, Nina Rowan holds a PhD in Art History from McGill University, Montreal, with a specialization in 19th century French and Russian art. A librarian-at-heart, she also has an MA in Library and Information Sciences. Nina lives in Wisconsin with her atmospheric scientist husband and two children.

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