Monday, March 10, 2014

Top 5 List & Giveaway with Kate McKinley - A Night with the Bride Blog Tour

I'm so excited to have Kate McKinley stopping by to share her Top 5 Reasons to Read Historical Romance!

1. They’re an awesome escape from reality.
2. Romance novels cost considerably less than therapy.
3. Every story comes with a happily ever after.
4. Irresistible heroes!
5. And of course, the SEX!
About Kate McKinley:  
KATE MCKINLEY writes Regency and Fantasy Romance. When she's not staring at her screen, dreaming up delicious heroes, she's a wife, mother and part-time assistant.

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About the book:

While at a lavish house party, Gabriella Weatherfield confidently bets her friends that she can convince the "unseducable" Duke of Somerset to kiss her. But Gabriella's innocent wager turns wicked when faced with the duke's intense blue eyes and talented hands. Nicholas Montgomery usually strives to stay away from society, yet there's no denying Gabriella's wild beauty or the way she makes him want to lose control for once. Will the fire between them burn out when Gabriella uncovers the inner demons haunting Nicholas? 

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  1. I just love history and love immersing myself in the past.

  2. I just love reading about the people who lived in the past and the lives they lived. It has fascinated me since I was a little girl...

  3. It fascinates me. I started reading about historical books since I was a kid. I remember the first historical fiction book I read was about Queen Elizabeth and somehow it grew to HR. I think just everything about it makes me love it.

  4. I love reading all different types of genre. History is very fascinating. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.