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Top 5 New Years Resolutions A Writer Should Make

Thank you for having me on the blog today! If you’re the type of writer who likes making resolutions for the New Year, consider some of the following goals for a successful 2014.

1)  Set a daily writing goal - Whether you decide to use a word count goal, a page goal, or a timed writing goal, make sure your goal is measurable and attainable.

2) Set a weekly writing goal - How many days a week can you write? Be realistic. I don’t write on weekends. That’s family time.

3) Set social media goals - Social media can be a great way to keep in touch with your readers and promote your books. It can also be a great time suck (well for me anyway). Make a clear goal to get the most out of your social media needs without wasting precious writing time.

4) Set education goals - Are writers ever done learning their craft? Are they ever done learning the business? Not with the rapid shifts in publishing these days. Determine what your learning needs are and then schedule time for doing research, reading craft books, and attending workshops and conferences.

5) Set business goals - Every writer is in a different place in his or her publishing journey. Set goals for submitting manuscripts to agents, editors, and contests. Set goals for how much time you need to spend on networking, blog tours, book signings, speaking engagements, advertising, bookkeeping, etc. If you need help, perhaps consider a virtual assistant.

Whatever goals you make this year, be sure to keep them precise, measurable, and attainable. Reward yourself when you have achieved the small goals as well as the large. Good luck in your writing journey and enjoy a successful 2014!

~K.M. Fawcett


Myia, a shaman-in-training, wants desperately to protect her peaceful village from the barbaric Highland invaders. To hone her powers of prophetic visions and healing, the village elders send Myia on a quest to heal the Highland leader's heart and stop a brewing war. Myia's mended many souls before, so this should be an effortless duty . . . until she meets the gorgeous, stubborn Highland warlord.

Kedric, a gladiator who escaped enslavement, only wants to liberate the villagers from their common foe-a race that breeds humans for blood sport and genetic experiments. Fueled by his rage, Kedric is determined to take down the brutal enemy. So when a raven-haired beauty with a body made for sin tries to sabotage his mission, Kedric wants her gone. Yet no woman's touch has ever left Kedric more annoyed . . . and aroused. Kedric knows he should shun her soothing embrace-but he can't seem to stay away. As their passion grows, Kedric must decide between fighting his war or surrendering his rage-and his heart-for Myia's love.

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About the author:

K.M. Fawcett was a born romantic.  At six years old, she would beg her parents to take her a restaurant with "soft music and candles" where she could drink Shirley Temples and twirl on the dance floor.  As she grew, her desire to be whisked into a romantic adventure by a knight in shining armor also grew to the point of annoying her friends and family.  When she received A Knight In Shining Armor (a novel by Jude Deveraux) on her eighteenth birthday, she fell head over heals in love...with the romance genre.  K.M. now writes paranormal romances and enjoys stories filled with adventure and strong, kick butt heroes and heroines.  She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Liberty States Fiction Writers.  K.M. is a Nidan (2nd degree black belt) in Isshinryu Karate and co-owns and operates the Tenchi (Heaven and Earth) Isshinryu Karate Dojo with her husband in Lebanon, NJ.  She is also a certified women's self-defense instructor with the FLAG (Fight Like a Girl) Program.  When not working on her novels, blogging about martial arts and writing action, or working out at the dojo, she is home with her children.


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