Friday, February 3, 2012

This or That with Mo from Untraceable by S. R. Johannes - Blog Tour

Mo from Untraceable by S. R Johannes is here today and ready to play a little "this or that".

Welcome Mo!

Sunrise or sunset?

I fancy the sunset. To me, it’s getting to watch the world wind down before falling asleep. I find it such a peaceful time. And the sunsets in North Carolina are bloody brilliant.

Shortcut or take the long way?

Depends. But if I don’t need to take the short cut, I prefer the long way. You always see something you didn’t expect the long way. You may find someone who ends up a huge part of your life. If you take too many shortcuts, what’s the bloody point? I mean the journey means the most.

Theater or wait for the DVD?

I don’t fancy movies. I prefer to be outside. But if I had to choose, I guess I would say DVD because if I am not outdoors, I’m probably in my flat watching TV.

Sweet or spicy?

In girls or food? J In girls, I would say spicy. I think hot-tempered girls are more exciting. In food, I prefer sweets. Probably some minstrels from back home or some Christmas pudding. Something to top off a great meal.

Spring or Fall?

Spring. I love when it’s warm and the animals come out from sleeping. It’s the world waking up together.

Facebook or Twitter? 

Huh? Crumbs. I’ll say neither.

Stay up late or wake up early?

I prefer to wake up early and fish. The fish bite better then.

Brains or beauty? 

Brains all the way. Though a pretty lassie never hurt anyone.

Mac or PC? 

Aren’t they all personal computers? Unless I’m doing research, I’m not much of a computer guy sorry.

Dogs or cats? 

Dogs. It’s true. When you have a dog, you are never alone. Cats don’t give me the same feeling. There’s nothing like a guy and his dog.

Beach or mountains?

Mountains. I love hiking away from it all. Being so deep in the forest, you may not see anyone for days, weeks on end. And the feeling that no one knows where you are.

Fruit or veggies? 

Vegetables. Because you can cook them over an open fire.

Bike or skateboard? 

I prefer to be on foot.

Diet or regular? 

You’re taking the mickey right. I don’t drink sodas. I prefer to have a cup of tea or coffee next to an open campfire on a chilly morning deep in the woods. There’s nothing better. Unless Grace is with me.


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  1. I know I should say it's great to see even a fictional character pick brains before beauty in a girl, but, ha, ha, ha, I love the answer for Facebook or Twitter. That was my favorite by far.

  2. Great interview! This is definitely a guy I want to get to know more. I can hardly wait to read Untraceable!