Friday, February 10, 2012

This or That with Lisa Bergren - River Of Time Series Blog Tour

Please welcome Lisa Bergren to the blog! She is here to play This or That.

Welcome Lisa!

Gold or silver?

Silver. Gold feels like my mom’s jewelry.

Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Ice cream. Preferably dark chocolate.

Twitter or Facebook?

Twitter! But Facebook is a close second.

Mac or PC?

Mac. We became an all-Mac family in 2011, getting rid of our last PC. We now have 4 laptops, 1 iPad, 4 iPods, and 1 iPhone.

Desktop or laptop?

Laptop when I’m writing; desktop at home.

Heels or flats?

Flats. Life is too short for pain. And I’m too tall for heels.

Lipstick or lip gloss?

Lipstick. Which I’m lucky to get on my lips once a day.

Cat or dogs?

Dogs. We have a little white Westie named Talisker Beatrice.

Text or call?

Text. I’m not really a phone person.

Mountains or oceans?

Mmm, mountains feel like home. Oceans are a luxury vacation. Love ‘em both, but if I had to choose, mountains.

Early bird or night owl?

Neither. I’m a middle-of-the-day person.

Paris or Rome?

Are you kidding? Paris is swell, but it’s gotta be Roma! I’m a raging Italiophile.

I'm a Paris girl myself ;) Thanks for playing, Lisa!


Lisa on the web:

Lisa is also generously offering the chance to win 1 of 20 copies of the River of Time books or 1 of 3 Kindles ($79 version)! Gain entries by commenting and participating in a very cool scavenger hunt. All the details and the Rafflecopter form can be found on Lisa's website.


  1. I'm laughing but yellow gold makes me think of my mom too. I prefer white gold.

    SO with you on flats. Life IS too short for pain.

    Amen on middle of the day, lipsticks, dogs, mountains, texts, and Italy. Paris seems great but I dream of Italy.

    Lisa have you been to both?

  2. Thanks, Christie, for the fun interview! I like short, quippy questions!

    Juju, I have been to both Paris and Rome. Can totally see why people fall in love with Paris, but Italy already had my heart. It's kind of like Marcello and Lord Greco for me... :-)

    1. I think I'm going to find the same thing when I finally make it over there ;)

      I need to get to reading the rest of the series so I can see the difference between Marcello and Lord Greco .

  3. Great interview!

    Mac!! I hate coming to work, because of all the PCs. As much as I love the beach, mountains have this very cozy, comfortable environment. That is a hard one.

  4. My family's totally pc. my dad's the only one with anything apple - and he got his for free :p

    i'd have to say though that I would choose paris over rome

  5. Ice cream... :D I'm too tall (and clumsy) for heels too! haha!

  6. I'm a middle of the day person too :) I work best at 10am to 3pm. So weird.

    And yes to flats, ALWAYS. My feet can't stand heels :P

  7. Life is definitely too short for pain. I love my flats and wear them most of the time. Though, I can't say I have a height advantage. Lucky on you for being tall :D

  8. I totally agree with you on gold, flats over heels (it's all about comfort for me), and choosing to see Rome first (although, Paris would be close second). Plus, dogs rule. I have a jack russell. Her name is Willow.

  9. I liked the interview. It was very fun.

  10. I agree with u on the txting.. Im not.a good talker on the phone. I love mountains :) they seem so peaceful to me.
    Love the interview! Would not have guessed some of.those answers u put :)

  11. The questions were easy until you get to the oceans or mountains one. It deserves so much more than an either/or answer. "Well, let's see, I do live in the mountains, but I so love the beach." But I'm with you, if I had to choose one to call home, it would be the mountains (as evidenced by the view from my bedroom window).

  12. Goo LISA!
    I'm totally considering making a 'Team Lisa' FB page.

  13. Good questions and loved all of Lisa's answers=)
    For me, I am totally a flats girl myself=)
    and of course Lipstick!
    I couldn't choose on the dog or cat...I have both and LOVE both-My 11 yr old Lab Kate and our adopted cats...I just couldn't choose!
    I am a text person for sure...
    I haven't looked upon the true mountains that reach into the sky as yet, one day I hope=) so I would have to say the Ocean for now=) We always vac. down on the coast up until about 2001.
    I guess night owl would be mine=)
    Roma would be a top pick for me love that area!

  14. Definitly agree with Roma over Paris

  15. Loved the questions and love the author. Lisa is AMAZING!

  16. I loved this little this or that interview! Thanks!

  17. Great interview!

  18. And Brussels? do yuou plan to visit it one day? perhaps signing session at waterstone?

  19. This was great! I can't walk in heels either, lol. Chocolate is a must have! :)

  20. Great interview! I'm all for flats too!

  21. I am so with you on the texting thing! If I actually have to call someone it takes me DAYS to get around to it!

  22. I'm not a phone person either. I would so much rather text someone than talk on the phone.

  23. I'm also not a big fan of gold jewelry and heels. It's silver and flats for me all the way. I'm still for PC, though:)

    Thanks for hosting this tour stop!:)

    Sarah Bibi Setar


  24. Interesting questions and answers! I really want to go to Italy, I'm saving money to go on a school trip! Can't wait!

  25. Love this series -- wouldn't it make a great mini-series?

  26. I like your blog! Thanks for featuring this series!
    Christine Pogon

  27. Thank you Lisa for all this hard work!

  28. way to go for Mac! I run on Mac too, and i love it! awesome to know that you have dogs as well. love 'em too :)

  29. Loved the List:
    Same on Silver, flats, lipstick. dogs,text, mountains ans middle of the day.
    Different on Yogurt, Facebook, PC, laptop, Neither City: Nairobi

  30. Love this!! my favorite stop on the tour so far!

  31. I'm not really a phone person either. ;)