Saturday, November 19, 2011

Review: Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis

Title: Kat, Incorrigible
Series: The Unladylike Adventures of Kat Stephens #1
Author: Stephanie Burgis | Website
Available: Now
Genre: Fantasy
Reading Level: Middle Grade
Source: Galley Grab

Description via Goodreads:

Katherine Ann Stephenson has just discovered that she's inherited her mother's magical talents, and despite Stepmama's stern objections, she's determined to learn how to use them. But with her eldest sister Elissa's intended fiancé, the sinister Sir Neville, showing a dangerous interest in Kat's magical potential; her other sister, Angeline, wreaking romantic havoc with her own witchcraft; and a highwayman lurking in the forest, even Kat's reckless heroism will be tested to the upmost. If she can learn to control her new powers, will Kat be able to rescue her family and win her sisters their true love?

My thoughts:

Kat is the youngest of the widowed vicar’s three daughters, and the constant bane of her stepmother’s existence. When Kat discovers she has inherited her mother’s gift for magic she hopes she can find a way to solve her family’s financial woes that doesn’t involve her older sister marrying the frightening Sir Neville. The only catch is the magic is off limits so she can’t let anyone know about her new found talent. Kat manages to stir up all kinds of trouble along the way.

I have a list of things that seems to draw me to certain books. This list just happens to include magic, a strong-minded heroine, a historical time period, or an England setting. Kat, Incorrigible had ALL of these. This book was like my dream read come true. Oh how much do I adore this book! It was truly a breath of fresh air.

Don’t let the cartoon cover fool you. This is a book that can easily appeal to fantasy and magic fans of all ages. The precocious Kat is one of the most delightful heroines I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her hijinks never failed to entertain. The secondary characters contained the perfect amount of quirkiness. I have a soft spot for eccentric characters, and this little book was packed full of them. I loved the unique qualities each of the three sisters possessed and when you put them all together the sibling banter was so much fun. There is also a brother who I hope we’ll get to meet as this series continues.

The plot was a perfect mix of action and entertaining dialogue. I didn’t want to see it end! I can’t rave enough about this amazing book. I’m so glad it is a series debut and not a standalone novel. I can’t wait to tag along on more of Kat’s wild adventures. If I could give it a rating higher than 5 stars I would. Kat, Incorrigible is my newest favorite book! 


  1. O fantastic review. You make me want to read this asap :)

  2. Thanks, Juju! It is such a fabulous book. I love discovering a MG that can appeal to adults as much as the target audience.

  3. Wow! It sounds absolutely fantastic! I've been debating whether or not I should read this one, but you definitely convinced me!