Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tens List with Shanice Williams - Kane Richards Must Die Blog Tour

I’m feeling a little bit random, and a little bit wacky, so I’ve decided to do a completely random and wacky list!

Top Ten Foods that contain (or are pointless without) Cheese! (lol)

10. Quavers. These crisps, or potato chips are uber tasty. I once went through a 
period where I was just addicted to them!

9. Cheese and Pickle sandwich. Classic sarnie! Coupled with a bag of Quavers and I’m in heaven.

8. Cheese on toast. Worldwide classic snack for any time of the day. Throw in a dash of Ketchup and you’re sorted!

7. Lasagne. Just wouldn’t be the same without cheese. Awesomely creamy and tasty. Omnom!

6. Baby bell. Anyone who’s never had a Baby bell just hasn’t lived! Everytime I saw one of these in my lunchbox as a kid I was in heaven. And of course, the famous jingly slogan, can’t miss that. “Ba-ba-ba-ba-Baby bell.”

5. Pizza. Duhhh Pizza would be pointless without cheese. All the varieties make it so hard to choose when it comes to ordering in. I think double Pepperoni is my one though!

4. Spaghetti Bolognese. Oh man, if there’s a Spag Bol cooking and we ain’t got no cheese, then I don’t want any! It’s a necessity!

3. Philadelphia. The softer cheese but still just as amazing. I love putting this on my salmon, or just using it as a dip for breadsticks. Mmmm

2. Cheesecake! My all time fave, fave, fave dessert. It’s just... Heavenly.

1. Tuna Pasta bake. It’s my fav. Homemade dish and is just covered with lashings of golden brown bubbly cheese. Just pura amazingness! :D


Thanks for sharing, Shanice!

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  1. I agree pizza and cheesecake without cheese is just pointless and blah! :)

  2. Ah, someone else who likes a tuna baked pasta dish! My mom would make that when I was growing up and it still is something I make now.

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  4. Now I'm hungry. I've got to try some of these!