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Review: Betrayed by Ednah Walters

Title: Betrayed
Series: The Guardian Legacy #2
Author: Ednah Walters | Author Website
Available: Now
Genre: Fantasy
Reading Level: YA

Possible spoilers for book 1 in this review

Description via Goodreads:

Lil has come to terms with her life as a Guardian/demon hunter and the wielder of the Nephilim most powerful weapon-the Kris Dagger. She trains everyday to master her growing powers, gets along with her Guardian trainee friends, most of the time, and cherishes the time she spends with her human friends. 

Just when she feels she belongs, her nature-bender father contacts her and warns her about a betrayal by someone close to her. Then Bran, the boy she loves, starts to act strange and one of her human friends acquires a supernatural ability. While Lil struggles find a connection between these three things, she begins to realize that someone is manipulating her and will stop at nothing, including hurting those she loves, to lure her to the dark side.

My thoughts:

Betrayed jumps back into the action with the Cardinal Guardian trainees we met in Awakened (read my review here). Lil, who had to deal with her entire life being turned upside down in Awakened, really seems to have things together at the start of Betrayed. Then she receives a cryptic phone call from her demonic father that leaves her wondering if someone she thought she could trust is actually betraying her.

I was so excited to catch up with Lil and all her friends. I really liked Lil from the first time I met her in Awakened, and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her character grow and mature over the course of this series. Things with boyfriend Bran are rocky at times during Betrayed, but without getting super angsty. I love that Lil doesn’t take his crap and almost always stands up for herself. I also couldn’t get enough when it came to her interactions with fellow trainee, Sykes. He is probably my favorite character in this series. His attitude and sense of humor makes it difficult to not become smitten by him

The world Ednah Walters has created is so cool! I dug the diverse group of demon bad guys sent to face off with Lil and her crew. The characters battling it out with a variety of demons, each with unique strengths and weaknesses, really helped to keep the action sequences from becoming redundantOne of my favorite things about Awakened was all the super cool powers the characters possessed. In Betrayed those powers have become even stronger, and I was really digging how kick ass this made all the characters when they fought the previously mentioned demons. As for Lil’s powers, you don’t want to miss out on how they’re evolving. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Betrayed contains loads of action and battles that will have readers on the edge of their seats. This made for a very quick moving pace that worked perfectly for the story. 

There is more to this series than just fierce fights and demon hunting. Lil and Bran have such an intense connection. It was disheartening seeing them argue and bicker during Betrayed. Everyone was so stressed about finding  the mysterious list and it showed. Bran’s behavior was also a little shady at times and definitely had me doubting his intentions. Bran’s shadiness was one of the key elements that kept me reading. I was dying to discover what the boy was up to and hoping he wasn’t the one betraying the lovely Lil.

If you’re into stories of the good guys and the bad guys battling it out (and don’t mind a little romance with your action), I really suggest you give this series a try!

My Rating:

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Awakened (Book One of the Guardian Legacy)Betrayed: Book Two of the Guardian Legacy

This series is also available in e-book!

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