Friday, August 26, 2011

Character Interview: Eve from Eden by Keary Taylor

I’m so very excited to have the chance to interview Eve from Eden by Keary Taylor today. Hi Eve and welcome! 
Can you provide a brief summary of the events that caused survivors to join and create the safe haven known as Eden. 

After the technology that later became known as the infection took over, people realized they had to get away from the cities.  A lot of people were on the run and eventually they started finding each other.  Gabriel and his family found Avian, Sarah, and Tye, other's found them.  As the infected started pushing further and further out, the people had to push further into the country.  

You have no memories of your life before the Fall. Do you feel this gave you an advantage over others living in Eden? Or do you feel your lack of memories were a disadvantage? 

It made me feel like an outsider, that's for sure.  But I think it was nice to not have any experience before the world fell apart.  It was easier for me, not to have to miss electricity and telephones and whatnot.    

When the other members of Eden reminisced about life before the Fall is there anything they mentioned that you wish you could have experienced firsthand? 

Others have talked about music players and how there was thousands and thousands of songs. There's something about music that gets to me like nothing else does.  It's a rare occasion for me to get to experience it.  Regular hot showers would be nice to...  

I imagine living with so many people can be difficult at times. Where do you go when you need time alone? 

I'm alone most of the time while I'm on scouting duty.  The balance is good.  Being around others makes me feel normal, but when the pressure of not being like others gets to be too much the trees don't seem to care about that.  

What is your favorite part about living in Eden? 

The members of Eden are my family.  They have been for as long as I can remember and they always will be.  We share a bond that people didn't use to have before all of this happened.  

What is your most prized possession? 

Most valued would have to be my pack.  Everything I need to survive is in that thing.  Most valued though... that would have to be the necklace Avain gave me for my eighteenth birthday.    

What is your favorite food? 

Not long after I was found outside of Eden, Gabriel gave me this thing he called a Snickers.  He said it was one of only two he had left and he shared it with me.  Pure heaven.  

Is there anything else you would like to share with us? 

Never take advantage of the things you have.  Your roof over your head, a safe place to live, the ones you have around you.  And careful what you let doctors put into your body...  Who knows how things could evolve...  

Thanks for the chance to get to know you and your world better, Eve!  

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  1. I feel like I know this character already. I should def. check out the book now. ;) Awesome interview.

  2. That was great! She is a very cool character.