Thursday, July 21, 2011

Author Guest Post: Charlotte Bennardo and Natalie Zaman - Sirenz Blog Tour

It's Launch Time!

Sirenz was released into the wild on June 8—but we waited until July to have our launch party, which took place on July 14, 2011—and it was a BLAST! We had a few extra special tricks up OUR toga for this celebration. Here's what happened...

5:45PM. Everything's in place:

The books — 100+ copies...

Mauricio delivers the cake (and gets ambushed by fans!)...

Buddy's team at Carlo's Bakery did a fantastic job on our cake. It looks JUST LIKE the book—only it tastes better!

 The prizes are lined up and ready to go to the lucky winners. What was in those baskets anyway? We had a Meg basket, a Shar basket, A Sirenz basket, and an Elevensies basket with books and swag from other 2011 debut authors. WOW!

3... 2... 1... It's 6PM—LAUNCH TIME!

 Can you believe this? We couldn't!

 Look who showed up to make sure we behaved ourselves—and to see if he could make some new deals... HADES!

 We're signing as fast as we can!

It was so cool to see so many new and familiar faces—here we are with Co-bloggers Suzi Ryan and Suzy Ismail! Check out their amazing blog, A Tale of Two Suzis ( !

Let them eat cake!

We hope that everyone who came to our launch had a great time—we did! Thanks to everyone—friends, family, authors, bloggers and readers—who came and showed their support, and for those who were there in spirit too! Mendham Books is a fab indie bookshop that hosted our launch party and they were AWESOME! Indie book stores LOVE authors—support them!

Special thanks to Darlene Fraulo and Suzi Ryan for the use of their photos :)


  1. How awesome was that?! You had me at Mauricio... HEHE! The cake looked good to! :)

    Looked like such a terrific time! You should be proud!

  2. We had a blast! Poor Mauricio--he'd almost escaped--but then my cousins came and hauled him back into the store for photos. He was such a good sport!

  3. OMG what fun and what a fantastic cake! Love love love it.

  4. OMG that cake! That event looks like it was a blast!

  5. It was a such a fun night. Thanks so much for posting our pic and linking our blog. Your blog is fantastic! -Suzi