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Blog Tour, Review x 2, & A Giveaway: From Scotland, With Love

Title: Seduced by Destiny
Author: Kira Morgan
Available: Now
Genre: Historical Romance
Reading Level: Adult

Description via Goodreads:


All her life, Josselin Ancrum has been trained for combat, hoping to exact vengeance for her heroic mother, who was killed fighting the English. When asked to spy for the Scottish Queen, Jossy joyfully accepts. But when a handsome stranger rescues her from sudden danger, his charm distracts her from her mission.


On the surface, Drew MacAdam may appear to be nothing more than a carefree champion, but his heart harbors a dark secret: This Highland hero is actually a skilled English soldier with a hatred for war 
and for the Scottish. Yet from the moment he meets the feisty Jossy, he's captured by her fiercely loyal heart. He's determined the honey-haired lass will be his ultimate prize - until the tragedy of their entwined legacies is revealed. Are these star-crossed lovers to be divided by their pasts? Or will they be...

My thoughts:

Drew is an Englishman golfing his way around Scotland under the guise of a Highlander. Josselin is one tough cookie who is determined to avenge the brutal slaying of her mother. When Josselin and Drew meet they have no clue how their pasts intertwine.

Josselin and Drew just might be one of my favorite couples. The banter that took place between these two had me grinning even when I shouldn’t have. Saucy characters, undeniable chemistry, a beautiful setting, and a dash of intrigue. Seduced by Destiny encompassed everything I look for in a historical romance novel.

Kira Morgan on the web:

Title: Highland Master
Author: Amanda Scott
Available: Now
Genre: Historical Romance
Reading Level: Adult

Description via Goodreads:

When eighteen-year-old Lady Catriona Mackintosh discovers a wounded man in the forest near her Highland home, little does she know that he has sworn a sacred oath to kill her father and other members of the powerful Highland confederation known as Clan Chattan. Nor does she realize that she has met her soul mate. Independent, competent, intelligent, fiercely proud of her heritage, determined always to live near her own family, and known to her family as the "wee wildcat" because of her quick temper, Catriona is the daughter of a Highland chieftain and granddaughter of the even more powerful Chief (or Captain) of Clan Chattan. But her life changes forever when she persuades Sir Finlagh Cameron to return with her to her home to recover from his wounds.

Sir Finlagh "Fin" Cameron is on a mission for the heir to Scotland's throne, who has sent him to the Highlands to persuade the Chief of Clan Chattan to arrange a secret meeting for him with two other great lords (the Lord of the Isles and the Lord of the North). Until Fin meets Catriona, however, he has no idea that her father was the Clan Chattan war leader who led them in the battle that wiped out many of Clan Cameron's best warriors, including Fin's own father. The sole survivor of that battle, Fin accepted a bequest of vengeance from his dying father, providing him with a dilemma to face as he begins to fall in love with Catriona. He is not the only one enticed by her charms, either. There are two other contenders, one of whom is his own master, the heir to Scotland's throne. With royal mischief afoot, if Catriona and Fin are ever to find happiness, they must first avoid disaster that could change Scotland's history, and find ways to be open and honest with each other.

My thoughts:

Sir Finlagh Cameron finds himself swearing an oath of revenge after a bloody battle that left him the sole survivor of his clan’s side. When he unexpectedly comes in contact with the daughter of the man he promised to kill, he finds that carrying out that oath might be difficult considering he is falling in love with the daughter of his enemy.

I was absolutely taken with the setting and characters in Highland Master. Catriona aptly nicknamed “wildcat” was a pleasure to get to know. I loved her sass, curious nature, and independence. Not an easy task in a predominantly male household. Love interest Fin is delicious. I’m crushing hard on the Highland hottie. I love a man that can maintain a strong and powerful front, but with a kind heart inside. The love match between him and Catriona was perfection. I’ll admit the political aspects of the plot were confusing. It took me a good 150 pages to really grasp all the players and their goals. Even with my confusion I found this novel completely engaging and difficult to put down. I hope I’ll get the chance to know some of the secondary characters better in future novels.

Amanda Scott on the web:

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