Friday, December 3, 2010

Review: The Familiars by Adam Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson

Title: The Familiars
Series: The Familars #1
Authors: Adam Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson
Available: Now
Reading Level: Middle Grade (Adults & teens will love it too!)

5 out of 5 Stars

Description from Goodreads:

After three young wizard apprentices are kidnapped by the evil queen of a distant land, it is up to their familiars, their magical animal companions -- a street smart alley cat, a precocious blue jay, and a bumbling tree frog -- to save them.

My thoughts:

Aldwyn the alley cat, finds himself hiding in a shop of wizard’s familiars while trying to escape the bounty hunter chasing him. Much to his surprise he is chosen by young wizard Jack to be his familiar. He is taken to Jack’s home, where he meets two other young wizards along with their familiars. A blue jay named Skylar, and a tree frog named Gilbert. When their loyals are captured, it is up to the three animals to rescue them. 

This book was so much fun! A fabulous cast of characters. I think Gilbert might be my favorite. We have a tree frog who visits us in our back yard who I’m now calling Gilbert. Unfortunately, I don’t think he has the ability to receive puddle visions. Yes, puddle visions. That is just a taste of the magical goodness this book contains. Aldwyn was so noble, and I couldnt help but to think of my own kitty who had the misfortune of losing a corner of his ear when he decided to sneak out a few months ago. Aldwyn relied heavily on the street smarts he had gained growing up as an orphan. Much to his surprise life as an alley cat turned out to be an advantage with obstacles they faced on their journey. Know it all, Skylar the blue jay, rounds out the trio nicely. Her knowledge and common sense helps to keep them out of trouble. The places the characters visit, and the dangers they encountered were so imaginative. The bad guys were beyond creative, and like nothing I’ve seen in other novels. This is fantasy done right!

Fans of magic and fantasy will fall in love with this book. I know I did. Even my husband who isn’t a reader couldn’t help but show an interest in this one. The cover, in all it’s adorableness, definitely attracts attention. An inventive and captivating read. I’d highly recommend The Familiars to fantasy lovers of all ages! 

Adam & Andrew on the web:

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