Friday, July 23, 2010

Review & Giveaway: April & Oliver by Tess Callahan

Title: April & Oliver
Author: Tess Callahan
Available: Now
Number of pages: 336
Reading level: Adult

4 out of 5 Stars

Description from Goodreads:

Best friends since childhood, the sexual tension between April and Oliver has always been palpable. Years after being completely inseparable, they become strangers, but the wildly different paths of their lives cross once again with the sudden death of April's brother. Oliver, the responsible, newly engaged law student finds himself drawn more than ever to the reckless, mystifying April - and cracks begin to appear in his carefully constructed life. Even as Oliver attempts to "save" his childhood friend from her grief, her menacing boyfriend and herself, it soon becomes apparent that Oliver has some secrets of his own--secrets he hasn't shared with anyone, even his fiancé. But April knows, and her reappearance in his life derails him. Is it really April's life that is unraveling, or is it his own? The answer awaits at the end of a downward spiral...towards salvation.

My thoughts:

April & Oliver is a dark and dysfunctional read. April is a character that is surrounded by turmoil. After a childhood that seemed to be full of more heartbreak than joy, she loses her little brother to a car accident. Devastated and teetering on the edge of sanity, April finds herself back in the life of childhood friend Oliver. Oliver has always been the epitome of perfection, and the polar opposite of reckless April.  Oliver is now engaged, but that can’t even make him ignore the connection he and April have always shared. Told with a combination of  present day moments as well as flashbacks. This is not a light read, and will definitely pull on your heartstrings.

I’ve had April & Oliver on my to be read list since its release. When given the opportunity to review a copy I jumped at the chance. I’m so glad I did. This little book was packed full of serious emotional baggage. April can’t seem to make a rational decision. She migrates from one abusive relationship to the next. Oliver spends most of his time trying to save April until he moves away for college. I had to spread this out over a longer period of time than what it usually takes met to read a book this size. It was just one of those stories that cause serious emotional overload.

I do recommend this book, but not if you’re looking for something light and fluffy. This book delves into serious issues and contains its fair share of angst. It is beautifully tragic tale of two adults still trying to find themselves.

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  1. This book is on my wishlist! Thanks for the review, it sounds like an amazing emotional read!

  2. I agree about this being dark... I didn't expect it to be QUITE so dark so I was surprised! I thought it was beautiful too though. I have to say I really like the other cover better though!

  3. What a fabulous review! I think I'd only ever seen this book a couple of times, but your review sounds so different than what I imagine with the cover image. Definitely sounds like a deep book. Again, great review and thanks for the heads up on the warning about no light and fluffy. :o)

  4. Hey your reviews are always great. I have selected your blog for 'The Versatile Blogger' award. Please in my blog for more info

  5. Sounds deep. Thanks for the review :) (not an entry)

  6. I want this book so bad! Thanks for the opportunity :)