Monday, April 26, 2010

Review: Cry Sanctuary by Moira Rogers

Title:  Cry Sanctuary (Red Rock Pass #1)
Author:  Moira Rogers
Release Date:  10/21/2008
Publisher:  Samhain
Number of pages:  152
Reading level:  Adult

Description from the author website:

Keith Winston has come home to Montana to find peace. Instead, the veteran warrior finds himself fighting pressure to become the alpha's right hand. His attraction to a new wolf on the run sucks him into yet another battle between his instincts and his heart. 

Abigail Adler knew nothing about werewolves--until she became one. Red Rock is her only refuge, but she chafes under its rigid rules. Except when it comes to submitting to the passion Keith stirs in her body. With her sister in danger, though, they will both have to risk breaking all the rules. 

My thoughts:

To sum up my feelings for this book in one word would be Wow! Bree and Donna, the ladies that make up the persona known as Moira Rogers, have managed to create some of the hottest alpha males I’ve ever encountered. Keith Winston won my heart the moment he was introduced. He has just recently returned from fighting the war between werewolves and wizards. While trying to recover from years spent in battle he has Abigail Adler suddenly thrown into his life. 

Abby is a new wolf who is trying to escape her abusive pack leader. Things between Abby and Keith heat up immediately.  I’ll just say the hotel scene that takes place between these two lovely wolves early in the book is one I could (and did!) read over and over. Keith is seriously dreamy and Abby reaches a level of badass I can’t help but to covet.  

This book has romance, action, an irresistible hero, and an unflinching heroine.  Oh and I can’t forget the steamy scenes involving previously mentioned hero and heroine. The Red Rock Pass series is definitely worthy of a spot on my list of favorites.

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I actually received a digital copy of Sanctuary for review but decided to split it into two reviews in order to avoid any unintentional spoilers. Sanctuary contains the first two books in the Red Rock Pass series and is available now! This is a must read for all of my fellow werewolf lovers. Look for my review of the second book in the Red Rock Pass series, Sanctuary Lost, tomorrow!


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