Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let’s Talk About Audiobooks

Do you like audiobooks? 

I know nothing can compare to holding an actual book in your hands but I find audiobooks convenient at times when I can’t sit down and read. I am fairly new to the audiobook scene but I’ve enjoyed listening to them while I clean, in the car or at the gym. I joined Audible in January and can’t seem to decide what books to purchase with my credits. For now I’m just hoarding them worried I’ll use them to buy a book I won’t like. I’m trying to decide if I want to listen to a new book or a book I have read and loved? 

Have you listened to an audiobook that you felt was fabulous? 

What do you like or dislike about audiobooks?


  1. I haven't ever used an audio book, but I have been curious. I think it would be nice when I am cleaning, in the car, working out and other things that you can't while you do them. But I am just worried that I won't like the voice of the audio book.

  2. I've never used an audio book either. I'm afraid that I won't like it and I'll end up falling asleep before the story ends. I will probably try it out though someday.

  3. I absolutely love listening to audio books; especially if you have a great narrator and voice to listen to that brings out the emotions and feelings out of the characters; and brings them to life. I usually listen to book on audio when I am taking walks or cleaning, working out or just when I am playing computer solitaire.

  4. I love listening in the car. I've listened to the Twilight series, the Harry Potter series (he's excellent), several of the Black Dagger books (currently listening to Rhevenge's book), Karen Marie Moning's Darkfever series, and one Sookie book. I find it takes me a few minutes to get used to any new voice when I'm starting a new series, but I really liked the Harry Potter books and the Sookie books had a good accent and was pleasant to listen to.

  5. I listen to audio books when I'm out walking my dogs. I've listened to some really good ones recently too!

  6. I'm undecided. But I want to.
    I guess I just don't have the time to be plugged in.

  7. I love audio books. I listen to them all the time.

    The Help by Katheryn Stockett is amazing on audio.
    Mike Resnick's Fables of Tonight (Stalking the Unicorn, Stalking the Vampire, and Stalking the Dragon) are also great audios.
    Terry Pratchett's books are great on audio and Neil Gaiman has great audio books too.
    Spencer Quinn's books (Chet the Dog series including Dog On It and Thereby Hangs a Tail) are excellent in audio.
    I think last year I listened to something like 60 audio books, so let me know if you have any questions. One thing with audible (I've been a member there for three+ years) is to make sure you listen to the clips before purchasing. I have found many books that although I loved the written version, the reader was just awful and I couldn't even get through it. I still make mistakes and end up with books that aren't high quality audio production. But I rarely have those issues.

  8. I do enjoy audio books. Of course I don't use them often, but they can really be nice when you are busy and want to read a book. I'll just pop my ipod in and clean the house, or take a walk or do the grocery shopping while I'm reading. It's nice!

    My sister thinks listening to audio books is cheating. Like you didn't actually read it. I don't agree.

  9. Thanks for all the input!

    @ Mary I don’t think it’s cheating but I’ve heard other say the same thing.

    I think I’m leaning towards the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning for now. I’ve read them all but wanted to do a re-read before Shadow Fever’s release in December.

    Thanks again for taking the time to comment :)