Friday, April 2, 2010

Book Blogger Hop!! (5)

It is time for the weekly Book Blogger Hop hosted by Jennifer at Crazy for Books!

It’s a fantastic way to connect with other book bloggers.

See you at the Hop!!


  1. following you from the book blog hop!


  2. Hi!
    Joined the blogger Hop
    <3 your blog,Team Peeta!!!

  3. I'm a new follower through the blog hop too!

  4. Hi, there. Thought I'd just pop by, when I found you on the bloghop too, and see what was new. :) Keep up the good work, and I can't wait to see your thoughts on Dead Witch Walking, which I just finished too. :) Have a good weekend!

    Cafe Pearl
    Vixen Reviews

  5. Thanks everyone for “hopping” by :)
    It’s been a crazy week but I promise to check out all of your blogs as soon as I can. As of now my craziness is scheduled to end on Tuesday when the hubby goes back to work and the kids are back in school LOL

    Have a great Easter for those that celebrate it!

  6. I saw you on Patti's and though I'd come on over and see what's happening here.


  7. Whew! What a weekend. Didn't think I would ever get
    caught up on my blog reads. Hate that it took me
    so long to get back with you.
    I'm glad you found me at the Hop! I look foward to
    checking out your reviews.
    You have become a cherry on top of my sundae.
    For an explanation to this crazy response, see
    BOOKS AND BLOGGING PHILOSOPHY at the top of my blog.

  8. Following now from the blog hop...totally TEAM PEETA!


  9. Hi there! I love the look of your blog, it's so cute. I'm a new follower from blogger hop.

    Feel free to stop by my blog if you'd like & enter my giveaway to win some books! Hope to talk to you again soon :)