Saturday, March 13, 2010

On My Wishlist (1)

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My wishlist is huge but here are the books I’m lusting after the most.

Release Date: March 1, 2008

Goodreads summary:

Seattle. One minute you're drinking a vanilla breve, the next, some creepy old dude is breathing on you, turning you into a zombie. And that's just for starters. Now, the recently deceased Amanda Feral is trying to make her way through Seattle's undead scene with style (mortuary-grade makeup, six-inch stilettos, Balenciaga handbag on sale) while satisfying her craving for human flesh (Don't judge. And no, not like chicken.) and decent vodkatinis.

Making her way through a dangerous world of cloud-doped bloodsuckers, reapers, horny and horned devils, werewolves, celebrities, and PR-obsessed shapeshifters--not to mention an extremely hot bartender named Ricardo--isn't easy. And the minute one of Amanda's undead friends disappears after texting the word, "help" (The undead--so dramatic!) she knows the afterlife is about to get really ugly.
Something sinister is at hand. Someone or something is hellbent on turning Seattle's undead underworld into a place of true terror. And this time, Amanda may meet a fate a lot worse than death...

Crux (Southern Arcana #1) by Moira Rogers
Release Date:  March 3, 2009

Goodreads summary:

Jackson Holt makes a decent living as a private investigator in New Orleans, home of one of the largest underground supernatural populations in the United States. He and his partners have never met a case they couldn't crack...until a local bar owner asks him to do a little digging on her newest hire.

New Orleans is the fourth destination in as many months for Mackenzie Brooks, a woman on the run from a deranged stalker. After all, any man who shows up on her doorstep claiming to be her destined lover has more than a few screws loose. But crazy doesn't explain why he always finds her no matter how far she runs.

When her well-meaning boss puts a PI on her case, Mackenzie comes face to face with the incredible truth: magic is real, and whatever spell has kept her hidden and separate from the paranormal world is rapidly deteriorating.

With time running out, she has no choice but to trust Jackson as he struggles to uncover the truth of her past-and her destiny.

Release Date: February 26, 2008

Goodreads summary:  

As the carrier of a rare gene, Sirantha Jax has the ability to jump ships through grimspace—a talent which makes her a highly prized navigator for the Corp. Then a crash landing kills everyone on board, leaving Jax in a jail cell with no memory of the crash. But her fun's not over. A group of rogue fighters frees her…for a price: her help in overthrowing the established order.

What’s on your Wishlist?


  1. I haven't read any of those authors - but I have books by all of them. I hope they are good!

  2. I have Grimspace but haven't read it yet; I read great things about it though!

  3. All of these sound really great! Grimspace is one I've been meaning to check out.

  4. After tweeting you, I decided to drop by your blog. Great reviews! I'm on Goodreads too. :-)

    Other than being a bestselling suspense author, I'm also a former Airforce (Canadian) wife. Funny thing is I always swore--after being a military brat--that I'd never marry a military man. Oops!

    Happy reading and blogging!

    Cheryl Kaye Tardif

  5. I just got the Grimspace series a short while ago, haven't had a chance to read it, hopefully I will soon. I am wanting to read Crux in a bad way. I hope that you get the chance to enjoy these books. Here's mine.

  6. Thanks for taking part in OMW! I have literally just finished Happy Hour of the Damned and I will be reviewing it soon, but let me just say BUY IT NOW!!! LOL! I have Grimspace on my shelf and I really want to start it soon, it sounds so good!